What are some core skills required for becoming a DB or SQL developer?

To become a Database Developer, you need to know what a database is and how it works. You should be familiar with Structured Query Language (SQL), which is the standard language for adding, accessing, updating, and deleting data in the database. Also, you need to understand how transaction processing takes place in relational databases. 

Database skills:

The main skill required of any database developer or administrator is SQL familiarity. This includes understanding how transactions work with respect to the database structure and knowing when they are needed along with writing them properly in code in different types of applications. Also, you need to ensure that all your code written follows the best practices in coding in order not to affect performance adversely. 

Technologies used by developers involve designing data structures and pages so as to ensure that the performance and security of data is not jeopardized. Also, it requires the usage of different types of algorithms and creating stored procedures.

Now let’s move to the main part of this article: 

How long does it take for a person with no prior experience or knowledge in databases or SQL to become a Database Developer?

In order to answer this question, we will enlist some points which one should know before becoming a DB developer. 

What are Databases? 

Databases are basically used to store data. In the modern world, computers have replaced most manual records management tasks such as filing systems or indexing books but they provide a much more efficient way for storing information and accessing it quickly through automated methods. 

What is SQL? 

SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is a very efficient set of instructions designed to extract or modify data from the database. It has become the standard language for relational databases. The most popular implementations are MySQL, MS Access and MS SQL Server, etc. 

What does a DBA do? 

A Database Administrator (DBA) is responsible for maintaining all elements that affect the performance of the database systems. He ensures that there are no bottlenecks in memory usage or disk I/O access along with checking transaction logs on a frequent basis to ensure efficient recovery of data at all times. Also, he needs to ensure security by setting up user rights and roles as well as physical security like file permissions and network security. 

What job profiles are there?

In order to become a database developer, you need to choose the language that you want to use for implementing your ideas which could be any one of the existing databases like MS SQL Server or Oracle or MySQL along with other available options. In each case, there is a separate certification process associated but apart from that you can create different types of applications using these languages by writing programming code in Visual Studio or Eclipse etc or using tools provided by them for developing applications. Although, it depends on the project and objectives and thus creating further possibilities as per your needs and aspirations. At times business analysts take up this role who understands user requirements then pass it over to developers who ensure that they develop applications that follow best practices and in turn implement it in the database with appropriate design and normalization.

What kind of career paths is available with these skills?

As a developer, you can work for different companies that deal in various fields like banking, insurance, manufacturing, etc. They could be independent firms or joint ventures which require implementing different types of solutions on their existing systems or making new ones from scratch depending upon client requirements and budget constraints. 

How much does this job pay?

There is no fixed salary structure when it comes to such jobs because one needs to consider many factors related to geography, experience, and profile before quoting a figure which is also influenced by business conditions prevailing at a particular time. 

In order to become a successful Data Base Developer, you need the following skills:

Core Skills: 

Programming Knowledge in one or more of Java / .NET/ Oracle DBMS Understanding of the relational data model, tables, and SQL Ability to write complex queries using advanced features of SQL. Extensive experience with at least one Object Oriented programming language

  • Strong Analytical and Mathematical Skills – Excellent problem-solving abilities – Detail oriented with good follow up skills – Ability to work under pressure on multiple tasks at a time 
  • Attention to detail is extremely important for being a DBA. Using your knowledge from previous jobs will be very helpful when working as a DBA. 
  • A degree in computer science can help you find a job in the field of your choice. 
  • In addition to technical skills, a DBA needs excellent communication and interpersonal skills.


As you can see, the job of a DBA is very complex and critical for any company. The salary they receive reflects this. 

I hope this brief introduction to the topic has been helpful. If you want more information about becoming a DataBase Developer, please leave me your comments or questions below! Thanks for reading! 

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