6 Personal Branding Tips for Social Media Specialists

One recurring trend in the stories of successful social media specialists is that they build compelling personal brands. You are your brand whether you’re planning to work with an agency or find your clients.

The purpose of building a personal brand goes beyond landing the best jobs. It’s an investment that will keep paving way for you throughout your career. Without much ado, here are six personal branding tips that will position you for success and help you attract better-paying social media jobs online.

1. Choose Your Preferred Platform(s)

If you’re a passionate writer, consider using LinkedIn or Facebook. However, a visual-driven platform such as Instagram is your best bet if you love taking photos, designing graphics, or creating videos.

Establishing your presence on all social media platforms can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Do your due diligence before choosing any platform so that you will determine whether it’s the right option for you. Besides, you’ll also understand how it works. 

Keep your profile up-to-date with your correct information. You can even throw in some fun facts into the mix. This is an effective way to build your credibility online.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is the key to standing out online. Nothing beats offering the same look and experience across all your social media profiles.

Start by sticking to a consistent posting schedule for your content. You can decide to share your posts a few times each week. Remember that quality will always triumph over quantity. Many social media professionals and business owners batch content and rely on scheduling tools like HootSuite. 

Social media graphics templates can also help you maintain consistency on platforms such as Instagram. Set a professional headshot as your profile image. Alternatively, take a decent picture with your smartphone.

3. Speak In Your Audience’s Voice

It’s impossible to appeal to everyone. That’s why you should focus on your target audience as you build your tribe. You’ll likely meet people who will have different opinions. Your best bet is to treat them with respect.

Gain clarity about who you’re trying to target before putting yourself out there. More so, unravel what makes them tick and the kind of language they speak online. Adopt a friendly tone to spark engagement.

4. Join Relevant Groups

Participate actively in relevant groups on your favorite social media platforms. You can easily find them using the search feature on Facebook and LinkedIn. Joining these groups will help you to expand your knowledge base, get motivation, and build your network.

5. Let Authenticity Shine Through Your Content

Defining your unique selling proposition from the onset can help establish you as a thought leader. For instance, you may decide to create content for a specific niche.

Share content that reflects your interests and the things you stand for. Infuse creativity and storytelling into your content strategy, and you’ll remain indelible on the minds of your audience.

Another thing is to use vulnerability to your advantage. Online visitors will connect with you better when they discover that they can relate to your struggles.

6. Learn From Experts

Chances are you admire some social media professionals. Study how they build their brands, craft content, engage with their audience, and posting habits. With time, you’ll build a strong personal brand and access new job opportunities.

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