How to remove Interests from Your LinkedIn Profile

How to add interests on LinkedIn? Step By Step Guide

Are you willing to know how to add interests on LinkedIn? If yes then you are in the right place. I have already written a post on how to add a resume to LinkedIn? If you are interested then please visit that post and you will get a proper idea on how to add resume to linkedin? LinkedIn is a professional platform so you should make your profile really professional to present yourself that you are not an armature. So, you should add a resume as well as your interest in your LinkedIn profile.

Why should you add Interest on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. Here you net get a job or if you are looking for an employee for your company you can do both. So, to impress others you must make your profile look great. You need to add Your About section, Experience, Education, Skills & Endorsements, in the same way, you should add your interests on LinkedIn. Your interest will depict your liking for other companies, Educational institutes, Groups, Even Influencers, and others. It is a good practice to have your interests in your profile. Now here we come across a question How to add interests on linkedin? I’ll guide you so don’t worry.

How to add interests on linkedin?


Follow the points and you will be able to add Interest to your LinkedIn Profile.

1st: Sing in to your Linkedin Profile using your id and password.

2nd: Once you are sign in go to View Profile or simply visit your Profile page.

3rd: Scrawl down at the bottom of your Profile and you can see if you have already added any interests or not.

4th: If you have not added any interest or willing to add some you can do the following.

5th:  Let’s first understand that you can add Influencers, Companies, Groups, or even Educational Institutions in your Interest.

6th: Search for the Companies, Influencers, Groups, or schools you want to follow and show them in your interest section. In this case to make you understand clearly we take YouTube as an example. So search for YouTube.


7th: Once you find out the search result, go, and follow. It will automatically add in your interest section.

8th: Doing this you can successfully add your interests.

Some Tips On this point:

As it is a professional field you can follow only verified companies, Influencers, institutions, and groups. Choose wisely your interests that suit your profession better. Like if you are a YouTuber or help YouTube channel Grow then you should follow YouTube and other stuff that are closely related to YouTube. It will be a more professional approach. It will show publically your interest.

How to remove Interests from Your LinkedIn Profile?

If you want to know how to remove interest on linkedin then you should do the following steps:

1st: Sign in and visit your profile.

2nd: Scrawl Down and go to your interest section.

3rd: Click on the SEE ALL button and it will show all your interests.

4th: You can see a right tick and Following written beside the name.


5th: Click on the Following button, it simply means that you un-follow and it will not appear in your interest section.

Previously you can add Interest in your additional Information section but, you cannot find it now, maybe they disabled it.


In this post, I have mentioned How to add interests on LinkedIn? And How to remove Interests from Your LinkedIn Profile? I hope this will help you and you will get benefited from this information. I’ll discuss more tutorials so that you get good quality information.

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