How to Spend Quality Times on Social Media?

In your daily routine, how many times have you checked social media apps? Many people spend their time on Facebook feeds or watch videos on YouTube only to spend their time. Because of this sometimes we ignored our important works to just scrolling apps unnecessarily. Then we realize that we should think about, how to spend quality times on social media?

Everyone can enjoy all social media apps while maintaining a certain level of productivity. Here we are sharing some tips on how to spend quality times on social media to make that experience fruitful. 

  • Choose social media apps which are useful¬†

If you want to spend quality times on social media then you have to identify which social media apps are useful for you. This tip will be counterproductive for you when you allow your time on apps that are most useful and beneficial for you. You have to decide or evaluate that which app needs more time and which need less time in your daily routine. This will help you to spend quality times on social media, without wasting your important time. 

  • Try to set a time limit for your social media scrolling

You should learn how to manage your social media usage by scheduling your tasks during periods of the day. For that, you have to make a certain timetable for checking and responding to notifications. Allot one hour of the day to publish your posts and another hour for commenting on the existing posts on social media. You can spend some time studying the market trends on social media to keep you update. By this, you can choose how to spend quality times on social media accordingly to your schedule. 

  • Stable in your routine

Once you fix your daily work and responsibilities, you will improve your performance progressively. When you decide that this much time I will spend on social media, this will give benefits you substantially. Like another your daily work routines like exercising or walking, meditation, or anything when you do this habitually, it becomes more natural for you. When you create stability in your social media, it will create a consistent approach with your online audience. Hence, be consistent in your routine to spend quality times on social media. 

  • Turn off notifications

Whenever your phone pops up with a notification about anything that will distract you from your ongoing work. Because notifications and alerts are meant to pull your attention away from your doing work to grab your phone again. Hence, give your phone a break and turn off all the notifications and alerts. By doing this you can choose the time when you want to check social media, besides letting social media tell you when to check them. 

  • Leave your phone in another room

If you do not need your phone then try to leave that in another room. If you keep your phone along with you every time then that will distract you and you will scroll social media apps unnecessarily. Try to keep your phone out of your sight as much as possible. It will help you to manage your screen time on social media apps. 

  • Communicate on phone calls

You can reduce your time limit on social media if you will not do chatting on that. In the way of spend quality times on social media, try to spend your time checking the latest posts and feedbacks. Avoid chatting on those apps. You can talk on phone calls instead of chatting. It will reduce your screen time on social media. 

  • Change the settings of apps in your phone

Many times, we clicking on apps without any reason. Mostly we are not pick up our phones to open social media apps, but we go to our phones for other works and then we check social media by habit. To break this routine, try to rearrange the social media apps on your phone. You can keep your all social media apps on the last page of your phone. So, you have to consciously scroll the phone to get there. Still, you have the option to check social media, but it will minimize those moments where clicking on any app is just a habit of yours. 

In last you can manage in the best way to spend quality times on social media with 3 simple tips also;

  • 5 minutes for rescheduling popular content.
  • 15 minutes for queueing content.
  • 10 minutes for responding on that.

We hope it will be helpful tips for you!!

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